Dance is more than movement. For me, the essence of dance is joy: the joy of movement, the joy of expressing emotions, and the joy of creating connections. Watching my students find this joy for themselves gives me the greatest satisfaction as a teacher.

Amanda Hahn

Director, Owner, Lead and Discover Dance Instructor

Amanda’s dance journey began at age three in the babes class with Miss Jill at BritZa Studios, however, her crying and inability to join the other students delayed her love of dance — until she was four. From that moment on, dance became more than choreographed steps; it became a joy that sustains and endures when life is easy or hard. Amanda joined BritZa Studios in 2006. Through the years, she has been influenced by Project Dance-NYC, Ad Deum Dance Company, Calvin College courses, Broadway Dance Center and STEPS, Dance for Parkinson’s Training, and numerous N-House Productions guest artists and master classes held at BritZa Studios.

I don’t measure success in the numbers of dollars or how loud the applause is, but rather by the look on a child’s face when he or she accomplishes a new step, the wide eyes of a four-year old on stage for the first time, and even the tears of the senior students as they dance their final dance.

Jill Kunstle

Founder, Owner and Lead Instructor

Jill, founder of BritZa Studios, began dancing when she was 5 years old. She was blessed to be able to study under Marjorie Forney where she spent hundreds of hours at the Forney Studio and truly fell in love with dance. After high school, Jill traveled and performed in Up with People. During her tour she learned invaluable lessons in performing, staging, and lighting. BritZa Studios and the many children through the years have been a constant source of joy in her life. She is blessed to work alongside Miss Amanda and Miss Emily who studied with her and are now teaching and keeping the dream alive  by leading students and the studio to an exciting future.

Passion. An intense desire or enthusiasm for something. That’s what I have found through dancing, and especially through teaching. I only hope that I can share my passion with each of my students in some way, and encourage them to find what they are truly passionate about.

Emily Smith

Lead Instructor and Discover Dance Instructor

From the moment she walked up the 36 steps into Miss Jill’s studio, Emily could feel something developing deep inside her. She was only 7, but that feeling continued to grow as she learned various dance styles all the way through high school. At South Dakota State University, Emily studied Music Education and Theatre and found every opportunity to dance, performing and choreographing in numerous theater productions. Emily began teaching at BritZa Studios in 2011. She have been blessed to learn from many talented teachers and choreographers including Melissa Hauschild-Mork, Broadway Dance Center, N-House Productions, Louise Taitz, and Richard Smith. When she is not teaching at BritZa, Emily continues to choreograph and perform in theatres.