Dance is more than movement. For me, the essence of dance is joy: the joy of movement, the joy of expressing emotions, and the joy of creating connections. Watching my students find this joy for themselves gives me the greatest satisfaction as a teacher.

Amanda Hahn

Director, Owner, Lead and Discover Dance Instructor

Amanda’s dance journey began at age three in the babes class with Miss Jill at BritZa Studios, however, her crying and inability to join the other students delayed her love of dance — until she was four. From that moment on, dance became more than choreographed steps; it became a joy that sustains and endures when life is easy or hard. Amanda joined BritZa Studios in 2006. Through the years, she has been influenced by Project Dance-NYC, Ad Deum Dance Company, Calvin College courses, Broadway Dance Center and STEPS, Dance for Parkinson’s Training, and numerous N-House Productions guest artists and master classes held at BritZa Studios.